Lose Weight – 3 Easy Low Fat Tasty Meal and Snack Replacement Ideas

Lose Weight – 3 Easy Low Fat Tasty meal and Snack Replacement Ideas

You want to lose weight? It’s easier than you think and does not include major exercise. When you devour that Whopper there is no amount of jogging that’s gonna help.

Want to know how to do it? STOP eating crap. This isn’t 1960, you have nutritional info at your fingertips. Stop being lazy and smarten up. Losing weight is as simple as eating low fat foods and a half decent metabolism. Here are 10 snack ideas that are healthy and will help to trim your waistline.

  1. Greek Yogurt – Probably one of the best foods to come around. The nonfat Greek yogurt has zero fat and comes in lots of flavors for those that despise plain yogurt. With around 15 grams of protein it helps build lean muscle as well. Fage 0% is great, Chobani is ok, Oikos, Voskos, even Sunnyside has a nice black cherry. Again. ZERO FAT. Understand?

2. Ground Turkey breast- This is our go to burger, does it have the juicy flavor of 80-20 ground beef? No but it’s tasty and won’t give you the heart attack you are begging for eating fat laden beef              patties. It’s 99% fat free with loads of protein. Get some english muffins, ketchup, mustard, lettuce, tomato, low fat cheese and whatever spices you prefer and make a nice turkey burger. The                Trader Joes frozen fries or Organic Kroger Fries wont kill you, they are both low fat as well, throw them on the side.

3. Lays Baked Potato Chips – These chips have about 1/4 the fat of regular chips, only around 21g of fat per bag. Makes a huge difference and you don’t have to feel guilty eating chips. The sour                   cream and onion are the best tasting of the different varieties.


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